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Mr. Bashiru Abdul Hassani is an Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit Expert, dully registered and certified with the National Environment Management Council of Tanzania (NEMC). Mr. Hassani is a management consultant specializing in issues of sustainable development, including natural resources and environmental management/conservation, people's participation, environmental impact assessment (EIA), environmental audit (EA), strategic environmental assessment (SEA), social assessment, pesticide use impact assessment, and civil society development. He also has sufficient background both in terms of and experience in resettlement action plan development, communication and awareness creation activities, education participatory project design, planning, monitoring and evaluation. Mr. Hassani has over 10 years experience working with reputable NGOs (AGENDA) and private consulting firms, and recently has been involved in a number of assignments related to government, private firms and NGOs.


Mr. Abel Sikaona is an Environmental Scientist, Registered and Certified as Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit expert with the National Environmental Management Council {NEMC} of Tanzania]. He is further enriched with experience of Environmental issues by working with the National Environmental Agency {NEMC} for over four years as Senior Environmental Officer. Before joining the Council Mr. Sikaona also served as a Programme Officer for one year with AGENDA for Environment and Sustainable Development (NGO). Having practical exposure on:- Environmental Assessments [i.e. Environmental Impact Assessment-EIA, Environmental Auditing, and Environmental Accounting]; Environmental Management System (EMS); Cleaner production; Biodiversity Conservation; and Ecosystem management. Having extensive knowledge on Water Resources Management:- Catchment management; Wetland management; Coastal resources management. Acquired additional skills in: - Project Planning & Formulation; Project management; and Management strategy. Sikaona has engaged in a number of environmental consultancies on environmental impact assessment, environmental audit and research on environmental and social issues within and outside the country.


Mr. Wilson Samwel Shimo is a social scientist with over 15 years of work experience with government, International and local NGOs dealing with various community development works, Emergency and Relief programmes, consultancy and research works, respectively. He worked with President's Office-Civil Service Department as Acting District Administrative Secretary for Maswa District (Shinyanga), ELCT Jv Tanganyika Christian Refugee Service(TCRS), Africa Inland Church of Tanzania (Arusha) Jv Compassion International Tanzania; World Vision Tanzania-Kagera Zone; Golder Associates Africa (Pty) at Kabanga Nickel Project and currently is working with TRES Consult (T) Limited as Assistant Project Manager with the Kabanga Nikel Resettlement project whereby he is involved in virtually all aspects of the resettlement process, assuming overall project responsibility in the absence of the Project Manager. Mr. Wilson Samwel Shimo therefore, has a wide knowledge and practical experience in Social Impact Assessment, environmental impact assessment, livelihood security projects aiming at poverty alleviation and improving well-being of the poor and most vulnerable; Emergency and Relief (Refugees operations), and Consultancy works. He is also a skilled trainer, facilitator and a good communicator.


Mr. Laurent Gervas Mtayangulwa {MSc. Natural Resources Assessment and Management; BA. Geography and Environmental Studies}, is an Environment and Natural Resource specialist, registered and certified as Environmental Impact Assessment expert with the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) of United Republic of Tanzania. He has a vast experience with environment management and community development issues emanating from his carrier as Environmental Management Officer for National Environment Agency (NEMC), and as Administrative Officer cum Assistant Researcher for Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT). Laurent has a wide knowledge on Sustainable Development including Community Participation and Integration in Natural Resources Management; Sustainable Livelihood; Poverty and Environment linkage. Moreover, he has practical experience on Environmental Assessments (EA&EIA), Biodiversity Information System Management, School-Community Based projects; Wetland Management; Projects Monitoring and Evaluation. He has also additional skills on Land Use Management, Training (TT), Research, Project Proposal Development and Awareness Raising. Furthermore, Laurent has engaged in several studies on socio-economic, environment and community development. Currently is working with TRES Consult (T) Limited as Lead Environmental and Social Expert for the MCA-T - Distribution Systems Rehabilitation and Extension project


Mr. Stanley Alex Mrope holds a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science and Management from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Morogoro - Tanzania. Currently he is working with TRES Consult (T) Ltd as Environmental Officer undertaking Environmental Impacts Assessments (EIA and EA). Mr. Mrope also worked at Ipsos Synovate Co. Ltd (former Steadman) as a field interviewer (Researcher) as well as at PRECS M&C Ltd as Environmental Research Expert. Mr. Mrope is also having good background on Air and Water Quality Management, Wastes management technologies, Disaster Science and Management, Soil Pollution and Site Remediation, Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution, Toxicological and Risk Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Remote Sensing and GIS Application, Environmental Laboratories Water and Oil analysis, Meteorological Data Reading and Recording.


Ms. Magdalena Kitila (MSc. Natural Resource Assessment and Management (NARAM); BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management). She worked as an environmental expert in micro financing industry under Access bank Tanzania. She had also been working as a field worker and research assistant in NORAD-UDSM climate change concerning its impacts on Tanzanian livelihoods for the past two years. She is now working under TRES Consult (T) Ltd as environmental and social specialist.


Ms. Lilian Bakari holds Bachelor of Arts in (Sociology) from University of Dar es Salaam. Ms. Bakari is working as a Senior Sociologist in our Clients (Aarsleff-Bam International Joint Venture) team for the Upgrading project of the Laela - Sumbawanga Road (95.31 km) to Bitumen. Ms. Bakari advises the local community and contractor’s staff through stakeholders meetings on HIV awareness, Gender issues, Child Labour etc.


Mr. Frederick H. S. L. Honsiah is working with TRES Consult (T) Limited as Construction Contracts Administrator and is involved in providing a range of Contractual, Administrative and Technical support to the Kabanga Nickel Company Limited Resettlement Project under the rePlan inc of Canada. Mr. Honsiah is a qualified and experienced Civil/Sanitary engineer in the field of projects management, construction of roads, buildings, sewerage, water supply and irrigation works. He has involved in various project executions both at district, regional and national level in various capacities ranging from Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Project Engineer in management of contracts, project/works supervision, design of water supply schemes and staff supervision. Mr. Frederick H. S. L. Honsiah has a Post Graduate Diploma in Sanitary Engineering from the Institute of Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering (IHE) -Delft, The Netherlands and a Bachelor of Science Degree (Honors) in Civil Engineering from University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM).


Ms. Mwaipopo is working with TRES Consult (T) Limited as a Resettlement Working Group Coordinator. Ms. Mwaipopo is an experienced Community Development specialist/Sociologist with extensive experience in poverty related issues, gender and women and children. She has participated in baseline surveys, program evaluations/ impact assessments and capacity building planning for local governance actors (the public, private and the civil society). I have proven competence in management and planning frameworks and planning techniques and tools such as the Logical Framework Approach- (ZOPP) or SWOT, PRA, RRA and other planning methodologies. She has also facilitated PRAs and planning for cross-sectoral development initiatives in various communities in Tanzania. She participated in issue identification in Mtwara and Mbeya Rural Districts and other parts of the country on social issues. She has also facilitated resettlement procedures for different mining areas and consultation for the development of a draft resettlement policy with different stakeholders.


Mr. Harun has over 6 years’ experience of developing and applying remote sensing and GIScience methods in environmental research and assessment. For ten years, he has also developed and consolidated competence in ecological and popular local community research. As a geographer, research scientist, and a teacher, Mr. Harun has a main strength of developing integrative remote sensing, GIS and mapping methods. Respectively, he has offered a range of geospatial solutions to local and international clients. These include participatory digital mapping of incidence/project affected people (IPAPs), land use and cover dynamics, river basin characterization in hydrological surveys, and training methods in remote sensing and GIS. He is currently researching a method for rapid quantification of biomass and forest carbon using advanced optical and radar remote sensing. The clients Harun has worked with include an industrial scale farming corporation, Tanzanian Ministries, reputable EIA Consulting Companies and postgraduate students inspired by spatial approaches in their research. Mr. Harun is affiliated with reputable institutions such as COSTECH and Institute of Resource Assessment – UDSM. He is an associate of TRES Consult (T) Limited.


Mr. Chacha Harun (Msc Municipal Water and Infrastructure, Bsc Environmental Engineering from UNESC-IHE and University of Dar es salaam respectively) is an environmental Engineer. He has knowledge and experience in Water supply engineering, Wastewater engineering, Low cost sanitation, Water and wastewater management, Project management, Environmental impact assessment and planning, Pollution control, Solid waste management, Environmental auditing and monitoring, Strategic environmental assessment, Procurement of works, goods and services, Procurement of consultant and Contract administration. Mr Chacha is currently working as an Associate for TRES Consult (T) Limited.


Mr. Julius M. S. Shilungushela {M Sc Hydrological Engineering; B Sc Applied Hydrology} is a Hydrologist/ Water Resources Management Engineer, Registered and Certified as Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit Expert with the National Management Council (NEMC) of Tanzania. He is enriched with vast experience of environmental issues for over 35 years working in the Government of Tanzania serving in various capacities as follows: Director of Land Use Planning, National Land Use Planning Commission; Principal Hydrologist, National Land Use Planning Commission; Hydrologist, Ministry of Lands and Human Settlement Development; Tutor for Hydrology and Meteorology, Water Development and Management Institute; Hydrologist, Kigoma and Rukwa Regions Water Master Plans; and Assistant Hydrologist, Ministry of Water Energy and Minerals, attached to Western Tanzania Hydro-Met Survey Project; Hydrologist, Tanga Region. Having extensive practical experience in various issues such as: Hydrologic and meteorological data measurement and processing; Hydrologic analysis, design and forecasting for storms/floods for various water resources management structures; Environmental flow assessments; Environmental Impact Assessments; Management of Water Basin Systems (including Trans boundary Water Basin Systems); etc.

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