About Us

TRES Consult (T) Limited is a consulting firm incorporated in Tanzania (Cap. 212, Certificate No. 69145) in 2008 to offer wide spectrum of environmental services. The Company is dully certified and registered by the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) as Firm of Environmental Experts that is entitled to undertake Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Environmental Audits (EA) of development projects in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. The firm was born out of desire to provide high quality and cost-effective consulting, specialist training as well as research services in the fields of environmental planning and management; occupational health and safety and quality management system. The Company works to provide developers in Tanzania with high-quality environmental assessments that contribute to informed decision making, in support of sustainable development.

The company boasts of its highly skilled personnel with many years of experience in safety, health environmental and social issues. Clients have the advantage of securing fully fledged services which are professionally undertaken and quality assurance ensured to meet the national and international standards. Since its formation, the company has completed more than 320 projects with considerable success.  The company has conducted environmental and social studies related to Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental Management and Monitoring programmes, Environmental and Social Management Framework, Resettlement Policy Framework,  Environmental Audit, Public Participation and Social Impact Assessment, Quality Management and Quality Assurance, Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), Occupational, Health and Safety in an expanding range of sectors such as manufacturing industries, Oil and Gas industry, infrastructure development (including Aviations infrastructures), Building and Civil engineering, Energy, Agricultural and Livestock development, Mining/Extractive Industries, Water and Sanitation, tourism and recreation development. The company has rendered advice, technical support and capacity building to private investors, Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Local Government Authorities, NGOs, Communities and Development Partners.

TRES Consult (T) Limited operates in Tanzania through its permanent office in Dar es Salaam located at TRES House, Plot. No. 236/1 Block 43, TRA Road, Mwenge Area, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


TRES Consult (T) Limited mission is to understand client’s needs and develop effective solution, which satisfy their requirements and serve to meet their challenges. TRES is committed to delivering reliable creative solutions and superior service to all clients.


To be recognized as East Africa’s leading Consulting Company in the fields of environmental planning and management; occupational health and safety and quality management system.

Ethical Standards

TRES Consult Tanzania Limited recognizes the need for Directors and employees to observe the highest standards of behavior and business ethics in conducting its business and intends to maintain a reputation of integrity.
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