Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Programmes

TRES Consult (T) Limited is highly proficient in environmental scoping, assessment and reporting. Particularly we offer the following services to our clients:

a) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Under one or separate contracts TRES can do the following:

  • Project registration at NEMC, assist you in fulfilling registration requirements i.e. filling in registration forms and following up on screening report
  • Preliminary Environmental Assessment
  • Scoping Study prior to full EIA
  • Full EIA
  • Environmental and Social Management Plan
  • Environmental Monitoring and Supervision
  • Environmental Audit
  • Review of Environmental Reports and Conflict Resolution
  • Presentation of EIA to Technical Advisory Committee at NEMC
  • Provide stakeholders with a general understanding of a specific project and the potential impacts associated with the operation.

TRES is highly proficient in environmental scoping, assessment and reporting and is committed to providing the clients with EMPs that are practical and focus on efficiency.

b) Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA);

c) Development of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) according to ISO 14001

d) Carrying out Cleaner Production Programmes for existing industries;

e) Development of Corporate Environmental Policies; strategies and action plans; including implementation and continued monitoring.

f) Development of strategies for Waste Management

g) Carrying out Environment and Social Management Framework (ESMP);

h) Conducting Resettlement Policy Framework and Resettlement Action Plans

i) Water and Waste Water Management


Environmental Audit and Monitoring

Environmental audits are systematic and objective assessments of the environmental status and performance of properties, facilities, processes, and/or operations.

They are a valuable management tool which can be used to identify and assess environmental problems, and initiate corrective actions which ensure compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations and internal management policies and practices.

Environmental audits also can be used to assess the quality of the existing environmental management systems, and to foster additional initiatives to improve the environmental performance of a facility.

TRES Consult (T) Limited has the necessary available skills to:

  • Assess industry related activities, including, but not limited to, industries involved in construction, general manufacturing, bottling, production, chemicals, petroleum and oil, renewable energy, industrial and energy developments; waste and landfills; and Environmental Impact planning;
  • Assess mining related activities;
  • Evaluate whether the organisation has the necessary legislated environmental legal permits and authorisations in place in order to be legally compliant; and raise awareness on the necessity and importance of compliance with environmental legislation;
  • Advise on how the organisation should proceed in the event that further permits may be required;
  • Monitor an organisations levels of compliance with environmental legislation; and
  • Develop prevention pollution plans and contingency plans for various organisations including power and energy, transportation, petroleum, mining, and manufacturing.

Complementing our monitoring and observing skills is the experience that we have gained in conducting environmental audits to ensure compliance with permit conditions and national legislation.


Public Participation and Social Impact Assessment

Public participation is a standard component of most major development projects and is mandated as part of the environmental planning process by many lenders and governments. It is the principal method to engage stakeholders, form partnerships, and develop trust and respect in the affected communities throughout the project lifespan.

The following activities are typically undertaken and managed by TRES Consult (T) Limited as part of the public participation process:

  • Introducing the project to local communities (This reduces risks and uncertainties).
  • Managing social issues includes identifying, collecting, assessing and monitoring, as appropriate, information related to the key social issues that may arise during a project life cycle. Compilation of Baseline data and information
  • Advertising the project
  • Focus Group Meetings
  • Public Meetings
  • Issue Management

Social Impact Assessment covers range of impacts (both positive and negative) a project may have on the social environment and vice versa. The social environment encompasses local peoples (including their norms, values, beliefs and the way in which they live and interact with each other), their communities, their environment and their economy.

The types of social impact and applicability of different impact mitigation measures vary depending upon the scale and type of the project components as well as the life-cycle stage. The Social Impact Assessment is undertaken as part of the EIA process and the public participation process forms the basis for data collection and analysis.

TRES Consult (T) Limited employs a number of Social Scientists who has extensive experience in undertaking Social Impact Assessments


Occupational, Health and Safety

TRES is committed to deliver valuable and affordable OHS services to its clients in Tanzania. Our professionals are passionate about delivering outstanding environmental health and workplace safety services and help our client comply with Tanzania regulatory requirements and International standards. We help our clients to measure their environmental, health and safety performance through regular assessments of compliance with internal guidelines and external regulations. We assist our clients to:

  • Conduct the Occupation Health and Safety Audits program to monitor the compliance with government laws and regulations
  • Develop Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • Conduct the Occupation Health Inspection before the Commission of Work Equipment
  • Periodic Safety Inspections of Dangerous Technological Processes and Work Equipment
  • Develop Internal Rules for the Provision of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Reporting, Investigation and Registration of Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases
  • Regular Occupational Health and Safety Trainings
  • Perform Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Chemical Safety
  • Fire prevention (Verification and assessment of compliance with applicable requirements)
  • Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)

Due diligence investigations

During leasing, acquisition and/or merger of companies, an organization may find itself in a position where it has unknowingly inherited the inherent environmental liabilities of a specific industry and/or organization. Environmental risks and liabilities are therefore important considerations when purchasing, acquiring or owning an organization.

It is essential for the purchaser or owner to be appraised of the actual and/or potential financial implications, environmental liabilities and future environmental obligations. An environmental due diligence investigation will form part of the financial and legal due diligence exercise in respect of the company being acquired.

In order to ensure that an organization is protected from acquiring significant liabilities, TRES Consult (T) Limited can provide the organization with a proactive due diligence investigation. Through proactive due diligence investigations, TRES Consult (T) Limited may assist organizations to make informed decisions based on the following aspects:

  • Identification of environmental issues
  • Assessment of issues in terms of level of risk
  • Quantification of financial implications
  • Status of environmental authorizations (including Water Use Licenses, Listed Activity Authorizations and Mining Licenses)
  • Assessment of commitments made in Environmental Management Plans or Programs? (EMP)
  • Obligations and future commitments
  • Calculation of financial provisions


Quality Management and Quality Assurance

TRES considers the quality of its products as well as its services a basic factor to succeed in it works. Quality assurance and technical auditing to national and international standards are embodied in the companys operation scheme that is applied through all multi-stages of project implementation i.e. from project conception through to commissioning, handing over, and monitor impact. TRES Consult Tanzania Limited provides assistance in the areas of:

  • Deep analysis of Quality Assurance practices and premises
  • Quality Management Systems (QMS) auditing and procedural documentation preparation based on ISO 9001;
  • Conduct Training on Quality Management Systems